Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

Research Collection



The Мuseum of Аrchitecture allows researchers to work in the museum’s archival collections

Prior to using the collections, a formal letter of introduction must be submitted by the researcher to the Museum.

Visiting hours for researchers are Tuesdays, from 11:00 to 18:00.

There is no fee for conducting research in the museum collections.

Tel. for inquiries: +7 (495) 691 21 09


The Museum provides researchers with the following services:

These are the standard prices for granting the rights to use copies of images from the Museum collection. These prices may be adjusted depending on the purpose of image use, the rarity and popularity of the image, and other factors.


  1. Prices, per copy, for the right to use images from the collection:

Purpose of Use



 Published items

 Non-published items

For research use, without the right to publish

200 rub.

350 rub.

For reproduction in an educational or scientific publication

350 rub.

600 rub.


For display in exhibitions held at public institutions

 1000 rub.

2000 rub.

For use in restoration and construction work, reproduction in periodicals, popular scientific, or art publications, for display at exhibitions

2500 rub.

3000 rub.

For publication in calendars, on postcards, posters, or promotional materials, or for use in office decoration

6000 rub.

8000 rub.

  1. Prices, per copy, for the right to use photocopied images from the collection:

Purpose of Use


For all types of use

60 rub.

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