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The excursion tour "Moscow of Konstantin Melnikov"

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The State Melnikovs Museum launches the excursion tour "Moscow of Konstantin Melnikov".

The Melnikovs Museum launches a bus excursion devoted to the Moscow projects of Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov. Visitors will be able to see all completed and preserved buildings of the famous architect in Moscow - the workers' clubs, garages, office building of New Sukhamayrev Market and, of course, his own house. Our guide also will tell about the unrealized architectural and urban projects of Melnikov. During the tour it is supposed to visit some of the surviving buildings.

The tour starts from the Melnikov House in Krivoarbatsky Lane and ends in Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage on Obraztsova Street (Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center).


Next tour will be held on 22 July 2018.
Duration of the tour:  6 hours (11 a.m.–5 p.m.).
Excursion language: Russian

Buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture (Vozdvizhenka St., 5/25).

Full — 1150 rubles.
Reduced — 900 rubles.

Tour objects: Melnikov's own residence, 10 Krivoarbatsky Ln.;
Kauchuk Factory Club, 64 Plyuschikha St.;
Office of New Sukharev Market , 11 B. Sukharevsky Ln.;
Novo-Ryazanskaya Street Garage (Horseshoe Garage), 27 Novo-ryazanskaya St.;
Burevestnik Factory Club, 17 3-ya Rybinskaya St.;
Rusakov Workers' Club, 6 Stromynka St.;
Gosplan Garage, 63 Aviamotornaya St.;
Office building of AMO ZiL (Truck Plant), 23 Avtozavodskaya St.;
Frunze Workers' Club, 28 Berezhkovskaya Emb.;
Svoboda Factory Club, 41 Vyatskaya St.;
Intourist Garage, 33 Suschevsky Val St.;
Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, 19a Obraztsova St.



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