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Repair works on the fence of Melnikov House

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Moscow, 8 July 2015

Emergency repair works on the fence have begun to protect the object of cultural heritage “The experimental residential house, 1927–1929, architect K. Melnikov” (the Melnikov House). The fence of this unique monument is in an emergency state because of the low-quality reconstruction made in 1996. The existing fence is a bad replica of the original one. In accordance with the results of the examination of the fence that was made in March 2015 by “Rozhdestvenka” architectural studio a project was developed, aimed at the restoration of the historical fence of the 1920s, including the entrance gate designed by K. Melnikov. The project was confirmed by the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage. It is expected to be completed in September 2015. Let's preserve the heritage of Konstantin and Viktor Melnikov for the future generations! 

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