Schusev State
Museum of Architecture


The courtyard of the Melnikov House
Krivoarbatsky Lane, 10
 1200 v mel



To the 125th anniversary of architect

The courtyard of the Melnikov House
Krivoarbatsky Lane, 10


The exhibition project "Open Melnikov" starts a new stage in the life of Soviet avant-garde masterpiece, the Melnikov House in Krivoarbatsky Lane in Moscow.

For the first time in the courtyard of the House takes place an exhibition. It’s dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the architect Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov (1890-1974). Most part of Melnikov’s heritage is inaccessible to researchers and cultural community: his archive of is still sealed because of the inheritance case. Till recently legendary Melnikov House was closed for visitors despite the will of Victor Melnikov, the architect’s son, who bequeathed it to the state for creating a museum. In 2014 the State Melnikovs Museum was opened as a branch of the Museum of Architecture. This moment was a turning point in the fate of the Melnikov’s heritage.

Now the efforts of the museum’s staff focused on the main task – to open the Melnikov’s world, tell about the available part of his archive and show the preserved buildings. During last year the employees managed to arrange daily excursions in the House, to organize bus tours of the preserved buildings, to publish an "opened" part of Melnikov’s collection from the Museum of Architecture, to hold a competition for the best photo of his buildings, to make available for visitors the courtyard of the House.

The next step to opening of Melnikov’s heritage is an exhibition in unusual format of outdoor installation (curators P. Kuznetsov, E. Likhacheva, arch. A. Kurkov). It’s based on the architect’s heritage from the collections of the Museum of Architecture and materials from the House in Krivoarbatsky lane. The unknown materials about Melnikov himself and his projects are presented to the public: the pavilion "Makhorka", the sarcophagus of Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris, the building of Narkomtiazhprom, Rusakov Workers' Club and the house-studio in Krivoarbatsky Lane. The work of the Melnikovs Museum’s staff revealed a large number of previously unpublished materials about his architectural projects, as well as his life in House and the family. The exhibition aims to show the key role of the House in Melnikov’s life as the storage of his archive and as his creative laboratory, which was a place of intense intellectual work.

The backyard of the Melnikov House is undergoing changes. The first steps have been made: the restoration of the historic fence, the set of explications, which tell about the unique architectural and engineering design of the House. The territory becomes an accessible place with display of the architect’s life and work.

The exhibition project is prepared by the State Melnikovs Museum, a branch of the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture. It was designed by the architectural bureau "Narodny Architektor" and created by the workshop "Trud".

Opening hours:daily from 10 am till the end of daylight.

Address:Moscow, Krivoarbatsky lane, 10 (the courtyard of the Melnikov House)
Metro station: "Smolenskaya"

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