Schusev State
Museum of Architecture


October 16 – November 15, 2015
 1200 23.10



October 16–November 15
Inside enfilade of the main building


A retrospective exhibition of Tatiana Yang represents the selected works of main series and cycles united by a mythologeme of Way.

The center of exposition is Yang’s last series called «Rome. Via Sacra» (2015). It’s about Rome, about the image of eternal city as a point of space and time intersection. The image of city becomes a metaphor for the artist life, which co-exists both as an individual author's memory and as a collective memory of place and stored in monuments of history and architecture. The exhibition opens with a series of photos made in 2015, such as fragments of the legendary buildings on the Capitoline Hill, the district Trastevere, the Pantheon and the Basilica of Santa Cecilia. Corinthian and ionic capitals, cobblestone pavements, ancient ruins and coffered vaults set the angle of perception: many of these fragments are repeated and altered in painting and silkscreen printing of Tatiana Yang.

Via Sacra, the Sacred Road is the main road of the Roman Forum, which hosted the guests of honor, triumphal processions and religious celebrations, and later it was the name of crusaders’ way to Jerusalem. It’s a chronotope of travel through space and time, era and culture. References to the painting of the early Renaissance and the Russian frescoes of the Middle Ages, the early Christian symbols and the Italian mosaics, the murals of Egypt and Cappadocia, the ornaments of the Arab East and the motives of tombs decoration of the Chinese Han dynasty are represented in her painting, silkscreen printing and photos.

Within the exhibition will take place a presentation of the book «Via Sacra / Road to image», prepared by the publishing house «Art-Volkhonka» with the participation of Historical and cultural conservation fund named after A. A. Manshtein-Shirinskaya. The album includes works of different years by Tatiana Yang and texts of A.Tolstoy, O. Sedakova, V. Patsyukov, V. Malyavin and A. Lidov.

Tatyana Yang (b.1965) graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1987. Since the early 1990s she has been working mostly in the genre of easel painting. Since 1998 she has been engaged in graphic design. Since 1993 is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. In 2006 she was awarded the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for the cycle of works «The Way to Cappadocia». She lives and works in Moscow.

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