Schusev State
Museum of Architecture


October, 14 – November 4, 2014


Shchusev State Museum of Architecture

and BELIEF Foundation

present a breathtaking new exhibition


14 October–4 November

Ruins Wing 


SHCHUSEV STATE MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE is to provide the backdrop for Russia’s first solo exhibition of the work by legendary New York artist FUTURA (LEONARD MCGURR).

FUTURA’s unique style was formed in the New York underground scene in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, when street subcultures, experimental punk rock, hip-hop intersected with contemporary art and fashion communities. Through his works, FUTURA explores the boundaries of textand abstraction, bringing into play a range of unique methods and media.

TIME – is a very special field of study and exploration by FUTURA, which is a subject of deep analysis, both technical and conceptual. Despite the professional reputation, FUTURA doesn’t focus on the achievements of the past. With true curiosity about the future he looks for the new formats, techniques and tools.

2014 has proved a landmark year in the life of the artist. In 1984 FUTURA visited the Soviet Union for the first time, and was photographed breakdancing on Moscow’s Red Square by photographer SOPHIE BRAMLEY. This image went on to symbolize the important historical period, forging cultural ties between two polarized Cold War era cultures. That year was also marked with the birth of the artist’s son, TIMOTHY MCGURR, who, exactly 30 years later on, as professional photographer has taken the picture of his father on the same spot on the Red Square. Just a stone’s throw away, at the SHCHUSEV STATE MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE, FUTURA’s highly personal project, entitled “TIMEWARP” (Russian: «ИЗГИБ ВРЕМЕНИ») will open to the public.

This exhibition will showcase the artist’s most recent artworks, especially prepared for the show at SHCHUSEV STATE MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE. FUTURA’s art can be enjoyed by anyone, from graffiti enthusiasts to admirers of the old masters. It brings to mind the works of JOAN MIRO, JACKSON POLLOCK and VASILY KANDINSKY, forcing viewers to rethink their previously-held misconceptions of abstract art

“The true observationist needs not a photographic memory, just a feeling for all things within the sight barriers we define as horizons. Know that it's the ability to appreciate all of them that's paramount. If you're not willing to look, you'll never see. The option is clear, enjoy with unconditional happiness and make these petite moments ones of pleasure and surprise. Don't let the forefront dictate the whole picture, look for graphic subterfuge in the background which in fact may be more telling. These subtle nowheres I call home,” – comments FUTURA.

FUTURA (LEONARD MCGURR, formerly “FUTURA 2000”) is one of the most renowned American modern artists, a pioneer of the New York graffiti scene (representing the second wave of graffiti, the so-called “old school”), and forebear of abstractionism within the subculture. In the late 70s and early 80s FUTURA’s work was exhibited alongside the leading artists of the age, including KEITH HARING, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT, KENNY SCHARF, RAMMELLZEE, DONDI WHITE, ZEPHYR, SEEN and came to embody the 80s New York underground scene. Over the last 30 years FUTURA has been constantly active as an artist, graphic designer and illustrator. His work has had a great impact on pop culture, and can be found in museums and private collections all over the world.



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