Schusev State
Museum of Architecture


September 23 – October 26, 2014
1200 voln


September 23–October 26, 2014

Courtyard of the Museum of Architecture


“Pavilion of Wave” is an original presentation of installation of the painter Aleksandr Ponomarev in the pavilion of the architect Aleksey Kozyr which was specially built for this work under the auspices of the Technology Concern Vaillant Group.

Ponomarev’s work “Dalai/Volna” (Dalai/Wave) is a hybrid object which consists of the 12 meters tunnel and video projection. The film, which was shot by the painter during his trip to Tibet on his way from Kathmandu to Lhasa, shows facades of Buddhist monasteries with waving curtains and the breath of the painter. The wind, “blowing” from the screen, creates the wave in the aquarium and tame the energy of water. The “Volna” was first shown in the Russian pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale (2007) and honorably mentioned at Ars Electronica Festival in Austria (2008).

“Dalai” means "ocean" in the ancient Tibetan language and it is understood as temporary space where waves of elements are mixing with the waves of information that give answers on how to get, preserve and transmit this “warmth” to art, architecture and technology. “There are no past, present and future in the Tibetan tradition, but only state, vibration and running wave”, explained Ponomarev. “The ocean is understood as immense, universal and frightful world. Both in nirvana and in the theories of mystics the time is presented as “eternal now” where something is happening and is not happening at the same time. The face of the painter –the man looking at the face of the ocean – tells us that the time is a main characteristic of human existence and fear of time is necessary as only human being is aware of himself and understands his extremity. The freedom of painter is an endless liberation from fear which takes place in his ethical doings and artistic actions”.

Pavilion of Aleksey Kozyr is metal and many-sided. It was specially built for Ponomarev’s work and places a new emphasis on “Volna” installation.

A pulsating element of water is enclosed in exhibition framework and refers spectator to the antique understanding of elements, energy and technologies. It reminds us about the problems of human doings in space, preservation of “warmth” and individuality. The “Pavilion of Wave” becomes a new stage of cooperation between painter Ponomarev and architect Kozyr who were working together during the designing of the national Ukrainian Pavilion (2012) and Antarctic (2014) at Venice Architecture Biennale.

Aleksandr Ponomarev (born in 1957) is a Russian painter. He graduated from Higher Naval Engineering School (1979) in Odessa and left the Navy to implement more than 100 projects across modern art, engineering and navigation. In cooperation with the Navy and Research Fleet of Russia he carried out a number of art interventions in the World’s ocean, Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic. He was named the Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Aleksey Kozyr (born in1967) is an architect, designer. He works in high-tech and minimalist styles using organic materials and cultural symbols. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1993 and founded ARCH-4 architectural bureau in 1994 in cooperation with Ivan Chuvelev and Nataliya Labanova. His own architectural studio was founded in 2006. He is the author of the famous “Airplane Apartment” and participant of international projects and exhibitions.

Technology Concern Vaillant Group is aninternational enterprise with 140 years of traditions. It produces energy-efficient and high-tech products with the use of conventional and renewable energy sources. During research and developmental work Vaillant considers all types of energy in harmony. Its specialists mastered the ways of using the energy of earth, sun, water, air and even minerals in order to preserve conventional energy sources, such as oil and gas, for future generations.

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