Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

Sacred Gifts

December 23, 2013 – January 20, 2014


In the “Ruined” Wing and in the Aptekarsky Prikaz

Curators: Sergei Chapnin, Gor Chakhal

Consultant: Irina Yazykova


The MA and the International Association of Christian Artists “Artos” present the festival “Sacred Gifts.” This festival features exhibitions, concerts, master classes, roundtables, and public lectures.

It seems that we live in a time when sacred space is rapidly expanding. We witness, or at least feel, religion permeating different areas of our lives, both private and public. We live in a post-secular age. Yet within this space there is both a paganism that is in its essence a cult of fallen heroes, and a nationalism that is far from authentic religious life and ideological concepts of the “Sacred Rus,” and pious mythology.

The true space of the sacred has become stifled and swiftly repressed. And in effect, the space of living Christian culture is also suppressed. In answering the demands of the market, mass culture makes commercial products in the guise of religious art, adding further evidence of the destruction of religious traditions and the catastrophic insensitivity toward the problem of the theology of the image. We also come across examples of this tastelessness and of these violations of the canon in contemporary church architecture and iconography.

The Sacred Gifts Festival is timed to coincide with the birth of Christ. Like the Magi, we strive to offer our gifts to the Savior born in the world. Artists offer gifts created by their own talеnt and based on their own interpretation. At the heart of this process is not just the offering itself, but also the intention, and the heart’s desire.

The artistic languages that we speak are all different, but our genres are united by a single theme: the goal of the festival is to offer gifts for the creation and comprehension of sacred space. Within this space we rely on iconographic images, contemporary church architecture, and extra-liturgical art, addressed to religious subjects and searches.

It does not matter whether the gift is big or small. Rather, it is important that our gifts are free and creative responses to the gift of eternal life that we receive from Christ and in Christ. This is our thankfulness, our joyful answer to the great gift.

Participating artists, icon painters, sculptors, and architects: Irina Zaron, Andrei Davydov, Andrei Anisimov, Nikolai Mukhin, Dmitrii Plavinskii, Andrei Filippov, Valerii Koshliakov, Iurii Avvakumov, and others.

Partners: TATLIN, Интерьер+Дизайн, Archplatforma, Architime, Радио Россия, Радио Культура, ARCHiPEOPLE, АРХИ.РУ

With the support of: the Journal of the Moscow Patriarch “Khramozdatel”, Architecture-Construction company KLASSIKA, the Studios of Andrei Anisomov TOVARISHCHESTVO RESTAVRATOROV,, Kvartira 44

Press contact and further information:

Maria Girba at 8 (495) 697 3874, 8 (967) 182 13 91,,,

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