Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

Research reports for Melnikov House are available on-line




Schusev State Museum of Architecture published on-line detailed results of a pre-conservation survey of the Melnikov House conducted in 2017-2019. Research reports are available on condition of foundations, structures, building materials, utility networks, colors and paints analysis, documentary and archival research of the Melnikov House and the site.


Final Research Report and Recommendations for a Conservation Plan of the Melnikov House (in English) are also available for downloading at the Getty Foundation on-line library along with research reports and conservation management plans for other world famous modernist masterpieces such as Paimio Sanatorium by Alvar Aalto, (Finland, 1933), Einstein Tower by Erich Mendelsohn (Germany, 1921), Salk Institute for Biological Studies by Louis Kahn (USA, 1965), Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon (Australia, 1973), Frederick C. Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright (USA, 1910).


In January 2020 the International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting for conservation of the Melnikov House will take place in the Schusev State Museum of Architecture (Moscow). Members of the IAC chaired by Professor Jean-Louis Cohen (France) will discuss the results of the pre-conservation survey of the Melnikov House conducted in 2017-2019 with support of 'Keeping It Modern' grant from Getty Foundation (USA) and donation from PIK Group of Companies (Russia), and next steps for conservation and restoration of this monument of Russian avant-garde architecture.


This comprehensive in-depth research project, first one in the history of the Melnikov House, is a crucial phase which defines all further long-term measures for its preservation and restoration. It become an important area of international cooperation among Russian, Finnish and Dutch experts. The project has to serve as a model for conservation planning to preserve other monuments of avant-garde architecture heritage of 1920-1930s in Russia. It should become a key information source during the process of the Melnikov House nomination for inscription on the World Heritage List.


Pavel Kuznetsov, director of the State Museum of Konstantin and Viktor Melnikov, is a Project Leader of the Melnikov House pre-conservation research project. The two other key experts are Tapani Mustonen (Finland), Chief International Expert, orchestrating and supervising all aspects of a technical survey, and Tatyana Tsareva (Russia), Chief Local Expert on documentary and archival studies.


Keeping It Modern’ is an international grant initiative of the Getty Foundation that continues its commitment to architectural conservation with a focus on important buildings of the 20th century. Since 2014, Keeping It Modern has supported 64 grant projects of outstanding architectural significance that contribute to advancing conservation practice. Current active grants focus on the creation of conservation management plans that guide long-term maintenance and conservation policies, the thorough investigation of building conditions, and the testing and analysis of modern materials. The program teams participating in these projects are also spreading awareness of the need for research-based planning for modern buildings.


PIK Group of Companies, one of the largest Russian developers, is a long-term partner of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture for preservation of the Melnikov House. PIK Group generously supported geological, hydrogeological and geodetic research of the Melnikov House site. The grant awarded by the Getty Foundation was spent for research of the building itself including structures, building and finishing materials, utility networks, documentary and archival studies.



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