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Museum of Architecture

The Christmas Story in XV-XIX century engravings from Western Europe

6th December 2019 - 26th January 2020
01 03 view of Nazaret Bethelem 1

5/25, Vozdvizhenka 


The Christmas Story in XVXIX century engravings from Western Europe

At the proposed exhibition, the story of the events associated with the birth of Jesus Christ is presented in the form of a sequential series of illustrations with detailed comments. The narrative is based on Gospels, in rare cases, apocryphal sources.
The exhibition created in this way complements the wonderful Hermitage project of 2000 “The Baby Christ”, paying more attention to the details of the events described in the Gospels.
The exhibition consists of 8 sections: from “Prehistory” and “Travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem” to “Flight into Egypt”
As illustrations, the original engravings of Western European masters of the XV-XIX, including the works of artists such as Dürer, Parmigianino, Solis, Goltzius, Rubens, Vignon, etc., were selected. Of particular note is the inclusion of works by anonymous authors of the 15th and early 16th centuries from the Netherlands and France, part of which are shown for the first time. In total, 32 works are presented at the exhibition.
“Christmas story in XV-XIX century engravings from Western Europe” is a continuation of the exhibition “Annunciation in XV-XIX century engravings from Western Europe”, shown in Moscow in April 2019.
The exhibition is dedicated to the upcoming Christmas holidays according to the Gregorian and Julian calendar.
All works presented at the exhibition come from Moscow private collections.
One of the organizers and curator of the exhibition is S.P. Starodubtsev, author of the Apocalypse Durer project, shown at the Museum of Architecture in 2012.
The exhibition may be of interest to a variety of visitors: parents with children, lovers of fine art and especially printed graphics, students, and professionals.
As well as for the exhibition “Annunciation in XV-XIX century engravings from Western Europe”, an expanded electronic directory-catalog “Christmas History in Western European Engraving” was prepared by Liters Publishing House.



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