Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

Vertical – Horizontal: Richard Paul Lohse - Vladimir Andreenkov

25 September 2019 - 4 November 2019
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Vertical – Horizontal: Richard Paul Lohse - Vladimir Andreenkov

Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Richard Paul Lohse Foundation and Nadja Brykina Foundation present the exhibition Vertical - Horizontal: Richard Paul Lohse - Vladimir Andreenkov. The project is dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the meeting of representatives of two different art worlds-- Swiss Richard Paul Lohse (1902–1988) and Soviet nonconformist Vladimir Andreenkov (born 1930). The point of contact between the two artists was the series of works Horizontal by Richard Paul Lohse and Vertical by Vladimir Andreenkov, created in the 1970s in Switzerland and the USSR respectively. Despite the resemblance of the pictorial manner, the artistic approaches of the authors were different: Lohse justified his methods in texts and calculations, whereas Andreenkov approached his Verticals on a spiritual and intuitive level. The first acquaintance of Lohse with the works of Andreenkov happened at an exhibition at the Rene Ziegler Gallery in Zurich; it was an important milestone in the creative lives of both artists. On August 13, 1974, Richard Paul Lohse met Vladimir Andreenkov in Moscow. This event is perceived as a meeting of representatives of two different worlds in which, in spite of everything, similar artistic processes take place. Friendship struck up between the two artists, basically due to their general ideas about art. Due to a number of political, economic and language barriers, they were not able to fully enjoy personal communication. Today, the viewer has the opportunity in his own way to continue and interpret the conversation between the artists Andreenkov and Lohse with the help of works from the Vertical and Horizontal series.


Vladimir Andreenkov is a representative of Soviet unofficial art of the second half of the 20th century. His works were independent and original. In the Soviet Union, Andreenkov did not have like-minded people, neither could he find them abroad because of the “iron curtain” between the USSR and the West. The meeting with Richard Paul Lohse in 1974 for Vladimir Andreenkov was a proof that he was not alone in his creative views and ideas. Andreenkov immediately gained deep respect for personal "mathematics" and the colours of Lohse's works. Vladimir Andreenkov was greatly influenced by the monograph Richard Paul Lohse: Modular and Sequential Compositions by Eugen Gomringer, presented to him by the Swiss artist: in artificial cultural isolation, it became a proof that he was on the right track; that there were people who are close to his art and who are able to understand him.

Richard Paul Lohse - Swiss artist, representative of the Concrete Art within the abstract avant-garde movement. Along with artists such as Theo van Doesburg, Sonia Delaunay, Piet Mondrian, he developed the principles of a particular art based on creating a product of art ready for the audience to “consume” it.


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