Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

V-A-C Live: Tino Sehgal

August 1st – September 14th 2017
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August 1st — September 14th 2017
<Ruined> wing
Vozdbizhenka st., 5/25

Tuesday - Friday  с 13:00 до 21:00
Saturady - Sunday  с 12:00 до 20:00
Monday  day off


V-A-C Foundation presents V—A—C Live: Tino Sehgal, an exhibition of seven works by Tino Sehgal. From 1 August to 14 September 2017, the New Tretyakov Gallery and Schusev State Museum of Architecture will host works by the internationally renowned artist, who defies art as material production and constructs immersive situations that reinvent the traditional museum environment. This will be the first large-scale appearance of Sehgal’s work in Russia and parallel to the exhibition, an educational programme will explore the different topics that arise from the convergence of visual art and dance.

Through Sehgal’s ‘constructed situations’, the audience becomes central to the artistic process. Akin to Constructivist art its ambition is to produce immersive experiences with a transformative potential for its audience. Sehgal’s method relies on primordial oral and sensorial transmissions of knowledge. Through actively engaging in this ritual, the audience participates in reimagining a museological culture. Founded on inter-subjectivity, his works disrupt the highly codified rules of conduct in museums and introduce new behavioural and operational guidelines. By extending and highlighting the visitors’ role Sehgal’s situations not only destabilise a gallery’s orthodox environment but also raise awareness of art and its agency.


Three situations will be presented at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Kiss (clean version) (2006) and This Variation (2012), displayed for three weeks consecutively, and This Progress (2006) running for the full length of the Moscow debut-exhibition. At the same time, four other works will be on view at the New Tretyakov Gallery: Kiss (2002), This is Propaganda (2002), This is New (2003), and Tino Sehgal’s first work titled Instead of Allowing Some Thing to Rise Up to Your Face Dancing Bruce and Dan and Other Things (2000).

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