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September 4 – October 12, 2014
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September 4 – October 12, 2014 


Exhibition project «StreetARCH» devoted to the history of development of monumental art in Moscow investigate the major historical styles by works of art passing the whole life directly in the urban space: among the streets, houses, squares and parks.

The center of the exposition will constitute a retrospective review of monumental objects created by distinguished artists from the 1950s to the 1990s. The most vivid paintings, mosaics and sculptures of the Soviet period, had already become the face of Moscow and well-known among citizens, curious and tragic stages of their realization and transformation illustrate not only the main artistic tendencies of XX-XXI centuries, but also the course of history. Models, sketches of the unique mosaic compositions of movie theatre «October» and Moscow Palace of pioneers, sculptures on the front of Russian Academy of Science adjoin with photos, details and descriptions of the lost (including the context of mighty government campaign against "architectural extravagances") compositions, like, for example, bas-reliefs of Moscow House of communications. The exposition doesn’t avoid also asserted, but outstanding for whatever reason wide-ranging projects of the Soviet period, including conceived as a dominant of Taganskaya square – «Pulsar» on the roof of The Taganka Theatre.

Special attention is given to the forgotten history of the soviet monumental propaganda and promotion of achievements of socialism. Banners and posters of 1950–1960s from the collection of Museum of History of Moscow, leveling unattractive and decrepit buildings, represent an example of professional individual approach for upgrading urban space – somewhat that nowadays, half a century later, once again attract attention of municipal structures.

Contemporary section of the exhibition is devoted especially to street-art – a kind of art, which has arisen as independent and opposing movement and subsequently has become an integral part of actual culture. Public-art-sculptures, installations, graffiti of famous Russian and foreign artists introduce to wide audience two general tendencies of development of street-art today: festival projects, when the conception thoroughly conforms and sketches pass through numerous stages of approval by urban authorities, and original compositions, implemented on independent exhibition platforms. Many works are accompanied by projections of the surrounding environment, forming a dialogue between reality and possibility of transformation under the influence of the new forms of monumental art.

Exhibition «StreetARCH» is a kind of research of past and present condition in urban development, contemporary currents and tendencies in art and architecture. The project will become a platform for discussion of the problems of co-existence of contemporary art and architecture, and also opportunities of cooperation of street-artists, architects and urban authorities.

Among the participants of the project are widely represented both classics of soviet monumental sculpture – Nikolay Silis, Ivan Lubennikov, Georgy Frangulyan and contemporary authors and creative groups – Pasha 183, «Blue noses», Marco Bravura, Olga Soldatova, Philip Bodelock, Andrei Lyublinsky, Alexander Kornoukhov, 310 squad, QBic and many others.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Union of architects of Russia, Ismail Akhmetov Foundation, non-profit partnership «Heritage without borders», Musivum Gallery, company «ARCH-SKIN», public movement «Our Skolkovo».

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