Schusev State
Museum of Architecture

The Museum of Architecture Celebrates its 80th Year!

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2014 marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of the first-ever architectural museum: the Schusev State Museum of Architecture. Created in 1934, the museum holds the largest collection today of architectural works representing the national heritage of Russia.

This anniversary year is being celebrated with special educational and exhibition projects and programs. Additionally, we plan to optimize the use of our museum spaces in order to showcase the museum’s future potential:
- we are converting the courtyard of the museum into an open-air sculpture garden, with cast iron reliefs of a former Triumphal Arch on display from the museum collection. The sculpture garden will become the main entrance and a foyer to the museum.
- we are developing the previously unused “interior” part of the Enfilade for a permanent exhibition on great projects of Russian architecture, from its early period to its later influence on the development of world architecture.
- we are developing spaces in the “Ruined” wing for an exhibition of white stone statues from the museum’s collection.

Another important project is seeing updates to the museum’s interface, including its corporate identity, website, and in the navigation of our exhibition spaces both inside and outside the museum.

The anniversary of the museum will be celebrated with the opening of a new branch at the Melnikov House, located within walking distance of the exhibition dedicated to the great Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov and the history of his studio-house.

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